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A Safe & Economical Way to Move in Monterrey, NL. Learn How!

When it comes to moving in Monterrey, there's no way to get quotes from moving companies unless you contact them and give them a description of your move. Even then, always remember, the quote is just "an estimate" of how much your move would cost - being silent about the conditions.

How can you control the cost of your local move if the company is doing both the labor and the transport? You have no real way of negotiating.

Moving in Monterrey, NL: Solved!

We resolved the issue by letting the client seperate the cost of labor & transport - Fixed rates. Customer has the option of renting their own truck for 24 hours from truck rental companies in Monterrey, such as MaxiRent, and we wrap their furniture, load & unload their things for them. You provide the truck, we safely load & unload your things for you - Move Like a Boss with Ayudantes Mudanzas.

Fletes in Monterrey & the Greater Metropolitan Area

If you do not feel like renting a truck, you can always find an economical flete on Facebook or Segundamano. The flete is simply a truck & driver. They will give you a flat-rate price for transporting your stuff from one location to the next - they do not load or unload your stuff for you.

Most fletes in Monterrey and surrounding areas range from $400 - $1400. It mainly depends on the truck size you need and the distance they will be driving your things for you. Their price quote will cover one trip only - be sure to know the additional cost up front.

Ayudantes para Mudanzas / Moving Helpers

After you have rented a truck or arranged a flete, let us know when and where to meet the driver and we will load & unload your things for you. We wrap your furniture with blankets and shrink wrap for a more secure journey, and we load & unload all your things for you.

You Pack, We Load & Unload

With our moving solution, you simply rent a truck/flete, pack your things into boxes, and hire Ayudantes para Mudanzas to help you with the rest.

Moving Labor Services Cost

2 Movers 2 Hours for $1200 Total

$500 each additional hour

To reserve a team, simply let us know when & where you are moving, and give us a brief description on your move, and we will get you on our schedule

Click here to reserve Moving Help in Monterrey, NL

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