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Ayudantes Mudanzas and MAXIRent.com Strike a Deal Making Moving in Monterrey, NL More Affordable

Less than a month after a successful launch, Ayudantes Mudanzas, a moving labor company, makes an offer MAXIrent refused to refuse: We Rent Moving Trucks.


MaxiRent, a local truck rental company in Monterrey, NL with over 5 locations, offers an exclusive deal and we offer our professional grade moving labor services to truck rental customers to make moving in Monterrey with professional, motivated movers easier & more affordable than the traditional moving companies in Mexico.

"Its quite simple actually, customers are more willing to rent a moving truck for a "do-it-yourself" move because they know they can get a team of professional movers to help them with the heavy-lifting and organizing" Rome explained to MAXIrent.


Now customers can move with a peace of mind because they know they are in possession of their property - not the movers. With all the horror-stories about how some moving companies in Monterrey load the clients things into their truck then charge the client a higher rate at the last-minute to unload the things into the clients house, this new proposal gives clients a peace of mind.

"No more hi-jacking customers belongings for a ransom, basically" Rome reiterated to clarify what exactly he was aiming to do with his new concept of "labor only moving".

Another deal was reached between Ayudantes Mudanzas CEO and MAXIrent. MAXIrent offered a special deal to Ayudantes Mudanzas; making truck rental in Monterrey cheaper for the company - in return cheaper for their customers.


"Since MAXIrent rents the best and latest trucks to their clients, we felt it was a great match for our brands mission: modern moving with an aim for reliability and security." Rome said. "We see a lot of unsafe moving trucks or "fletes" on the road and we don't want to be a part of that scene. We flat out refuse to work with them. We have standards - and genuine concern for public safety as well as our clients overall experience."


With MAXIrents deal Ayudantes Mudanzas now offers 2 movers + 3 hours of service + a box truck (3.5 Ton Dodge Ram 4000 Caja Seca) for only $3300MXN total. The "Ayudantes" rent the truck, drive it to the customers location, wrap the clients furniture, load and unload it for them locally.

"Yeah, we got the internet buzzing like a beehive - honesty, reliability and a firm hand-shake really pay off." said the CEO of a brand that's changing the way Monterrey moves.

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