• Romullo C. Dias

Be Your Own Boss! Start Now!

Live in Monterrey, NL or the metropolitan area? Do you have a little free-time to invest towards being your own boss? If you have free time plus experience in moving, then join our network and start getting paid cash on location.

We connect you with clients who need your help loading/unloading boxes, furniture, merchandise or moving it around within their home/office. You provide a friendly, two-man team and strong, able-bodies to do the job and get paid cash on location.


- make your own prices

- work your own hours

- set your location

If you are experienced in loading/unloading moving trucks or portable storage containers, sign up to get listed on out site today and start getting work orders tomorrow. Experience a must. Background check. Customer-service, oriented attitude is nonnegotiable.

We are looking for teams in all of Monterrey, NL & surrounding areas.

Sound good? Email your resume to jobs@ayudantesmudanzas.com or fill out our online form here.



"I signed up to be a moving helper and started to get steady work in my area after a few eeeks. They send the order, I do the work, customer pays in cash - everyone is happy. Easy business!" - Rome from Expat Moving & Labor

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