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How many hours do I need for my move with AyudantesMudanzas.com?

If you are estimating how long your move will take, here is a chart to help you get a better estimate. Keep in mind, this guide is to give you a general idea, it may take less or more time for your move, depending on details (stairs, elevator, amount of boxes etc)


Use our guide below to get an idea of how much time your move may take. Hire experienced hands to wrap your furniture before loading & transport. This will cut down on damage to your furniture while being loaded into the truck and while transported from one place to another. Furniture will rub against things while in the back of a moving truck - taking a few minutes to wrap each piece before loading is a great investment of resources.


STUDIO APARTMENT (400-600 square feet)

2 Ayudantes for 2 Hours of Services

ONE-TWO BEDROOM HOUSE (700-1200 square feet)

2 Ayudantes for 3-4 Hours of Services

TWO-THREE BEDROOM HOUSE (1100-1500 square feet)

2 Ayudantes for 4-5 Hours of Services

THREE-FOUR BEDROOM HOUSE (1500-2200 square feet)

2 Ayudantes for 5-6 Hours of Services

FOUR+ BEDROOM HOUSE (2200+ square feet)

2 Ayudantes for 6+ Hours of Services


How big is your move? Do you just want a team to move the big, bulkier, heavier items for you or do you want them to take all your boxes as well. Let us know and we can help you get a better idea of how long your move may take. Add an extra ayudante and make things go faster.

You can hire a team to load/unload a truck you are providing, or you can hire a team with a truck to wrap your furniture, load, transport and unload for you locally or nationwide. Call Ayudantes Mudanzas today at 811.762.6606 (English)

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