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MAXIRent & AyudantesMudanzas - A Smart Way to Move Monterrey!

If you are moving in Monterrey, check out this easy & affordable option to make a move and have more control over your relocation cost. Why leave your move in the hands of someone else when you can have TOTAL control over your move, the cost and the safety of your belongings?

We have been working closely with MAXIRent, one of the few places in Monterrey that rents reliable, up-to-date, moving trucks. With them, you can rent a truck for a day - or more. You can rent a truck for less than $1200MXN for 24 hours.

They have several different trucks available, each suitable for moves of various sizes.

See here

Rent a truck, pack your things and let experienced movers load & unload your boxes and furniture for you. Our teams come with shrink-wrap, blankets, dolly, straps to secure your furniture inside the truck and knowledge of how to get you moved quickly.

Rent your own truck and save from 30% off your relocation cost - and have full control over your items. Move safer, move smarter and save with MAXIRent & AyudantesMudanzas.com

Don't want to rent a truck? We can bring a moving truck and a moving team.

Packages from $3000 - see here.



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