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Mudanzas en Villa Dorada, Santiago NL - Desde $3500

Mudanzas en Santiago, NL

Moving into, or out, of an apartment in Villa Dorada is not like executing a normal move. Yesterday we moved an elderly lady out of Villa Dorada to Monterrey (Col. Las Brisas). Although she did not have alot of stuff, it still took 8 hours to load and unload her things.

Here are a few pionts to consider when in moving in Villa Dorada.

Villa Dorada is a gated-community between Monterrey & Cola e Caballo. Nicely tucked away between luscious green mountains, its fresh air is - well - a breath of fresh air for those use to living Monterreys Metro areas; however, its a nightmare for mudanzas en Villa Dorada.

Our client had a small 2 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor she was moving out of. We had to load her things from the apartment to the truck, then from the truck to her new home in Las Brisas. We used a small estaquita with a closed box for her move since it was raining that day.

The problem with moving in Villa Dorada is that the administration has a strict rule about the use of the elevators. Only residents can use them - no workers, no mudanzas, no boxes, no furniture allowed on the elevators! We asked them about it, though, as you can imagine, we got no reasonable response other than the elevator is small. I guess workers, movers and small heavy items are too big for their elevators?

Because of the rule, the move took a lot longer than expected. We estimated 4 hours; however, the move took us 8 hours to complete.

We took two trips. The unloading part took 20-30 minute average. So we spent nearly 7 consecutive hours carrying boxes and furniture down 3 flights of stairs and walking them about 2o yards to where the truck was parked. The fact it only took us 20-30 minutes each unload give you an idea of the size of the move. It wasn't a lot of stuff at all.

Manuevering furniture (especially antique wooden furniture) down 3 flights of stairs take time and attention to detail. We do not like to ruins people furniture or damage the property/structure. So we wrap their stuff in blankets for a layer of extra protection. This not only prevents the furniture from getting damaged, it also protects the wall and paint from the building and staircase.

It took an average of 9-10 minutes to wrap, carry, manuever and load each piece of furniture which required two men to carry, plus 2 minutes to walk back up the 3 flights of stairs to her apartment.

Without wrapping or manuevering furniture, it took an average of 4 minutes to walk down the stairs, to the truck and back up again. I asked if we could just put boxes in the the elevator and send them down to a mover at the bottom.

Answer: Absolutely not.

Reason: Rule.

Following that arbitrary rule costed the client more than we intended - but we followed the order and executed her move as she requested. 7 hours to load and less than an hour to unload - she was able to see clearly that we were in motion the whole time.

Moving her heavy and big furniture was no walk in the park. Most of it was antique, hand-carved and painted pieces; very beautiful and worth protecting and taking time to get it to the truck safely. Since it was a 3rd floor move, we had a 3rd person (maintenence man) help us with the bigger, heavier items.

The maintenence man said its very common. He always has to help movers since the moving is physically enduring, especially when you have to move alot of things from a 3rd floor and walk 20-30 yards and cannot use an elevator. Cross-fit anyone?

From now on, we will require 3 men for all 3rd floor jobs where we do not have access to an elevator. Moving is just about picking something up and moving it, its about moving things safely and keeping your body in a state where it can continue moving until the move is complete.

TOTAL: 2 Movers + 8 Hours $5500mxn

(Special + Senior Citizen Discount)

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