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5 Tips to make your upcoming move safer, faster & easier with AyudantesMudanzas.com

Whether you are renting your own truck, hiring a flete, or if we are proving a moving truck for your upcoming move, these tips will help make your move safer, faster & easier.

Preparing for Your Moving Helpers

Pack all your belongings and have them ready before moving day. The better prepared and organized you are before the movers arrive, the more efficient it will be. Packing at the last minute is stressful for both you and your loading team.

Although your Ayudantes do not pack your things into boxes for you, proper organization of the truck is usually dependent on the helpers knowing what all is going. before they start loading.

Also being packed and prepared ahead of time reduces the chances of a huge mistake happening: such as accidently packing your car keys in a box. Yes, that has happened: costed the customer 1.5 more hours to find the keys then for us to reload the truck.

Empty your furniture & appliances before we wrap your stuff. If you have old sheets and blankets, leave them aside so we can use them as an added layer of protection for your furniture.

We ask customers to make sure their dresser drawers, desk etc are emptied out prior to us wrapping and loading to make the move safer. Whenever movers lift and carry furniture up & down stairs, things inside can shift, causing the furniture to shift weight swiftly. This can cause the furniture to drop, or twist the movers back as they naturally shift with the weight.

Also, emptying out your things makes your furniture more manageable, reducing the chances of damage, either during loading or during transit since things inside furniture can shift during transport, causing the whole load to shift & furniture to fall.

Make sure there is a clear path between your house and the place the movers will park the truck. We like to make sure the customer gets the most out of the time we have together. A clear, straight path with no obstructions lets us move faster (and safer), thus letting us get more things into your truck for the time you have reserved.

Open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulating in the house as the movers are working hard. Monterrey is hot, and moving is not easy - especially with poor ventilation and an overheating body. Some customer even put a fan blowing air towards the main walkway to keep the movers cool. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are just a few things to watch out for when moving in Monterrey.

Put away your furry family members before the movers arrive. Sure, we like animals, but that doesn't mean the animals necessarily like strangers coming into their home and moving things around.

Even if the dog is extra friendly, jumping on a mover as he is carrying a dresser or a refrigerator is not a smart move. We prefer to create a safe work environment, which preserves the integrity of the move and the safety of all those present. Safety & security are keys to making a smart move.

The Spirit of Ayudantes Mudanzas

We like to make people’s moving experience a lot less stressful, and we are really excited about helping you with your upcoming move. If you have any question, concerns or suggestion, call or contact us directly.

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