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TV Hanging Services : Instalacion de Televisores en Soportes de Pared

Are you looking to hang a TV in your living room, bedroom or patio? Give us a call and let us install your supports and hang your TV for you - we are experienced in hanging TV's.

TV Hanging Services

With our service, you get an "ayudante" or "helper" to come to your location with a drill, screwdrivers, a level and tools needed to properly install your TV supports on the wall and to hang your TV on the supports.

Service Cost

$250 (One unit. Up to 50 inches. Concrete or stone wall).

Price includes one installer with equiptment to install supports on the wall and to assist you with hanging the TV.

Do you have a TV bigger than 50 inches? For safety reasons, we need to have at least 2 experienced heavy-lifters on location to lift your TV and place it on the supports. If you have a person who can help the installer hang the TV, the service cost is only $350.

Additional Charges

Service cost with 2 ayudantes is $400 per TV. Travel fee may apply. Travel fees range from $70-$120. We cover all of Monterrey and the Metropolitan Area.

Santiago welcomed.

Need a help hanging a TV? Send us a message on Facebook ( here: Ayudantes Mudanzas) or WhatsApp at 811.762.6606



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